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Our Workshops

One of our key strengths is in facilitating workshops for change, awareness for individuals and groups. We have several workshops that made tremendous inroads in changing organizational culture over the years. The following are the most celebrated workshops.

This is a group relations workshop for Self-awareness and Self-change designed for C-Suites and SLTs. It has been running since 2004 helping thousands of leaders in their journey of self-discovery and leadership development. This workshop has been conducted in 11 countries, namely in Asia. Several organisations have used this as a compulsory workshop for senior management and top team.


An offshoot of DeepChange, CoreEmpowerment is a similar workshop designed for the middle management layer to the lower-level staff. These groups of employees are often neglected in the area of self-development. As part of enhancing employee engagement, we suggest that this workshop be offered as a gift to all employees. The outcome of it will surprise you beyond believe. 


One of the most sought after workshop for creating team cohesiveness with the concept of Open Mind, Open Heart and Open Will. An extremely powerful workshop that drives a strong sense of oneness in making an environment for co-creating and innovating through engagement with one and all. This workshop can be done with large groups up to 100 people in a workshop

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Leadership is designed to challenge participants to become original, authentic and become inclusive at the core of the self. Therein lies the power to learn the science of letting go and eat or letting in the originality of YOU. Just to be you require extraordinary intelligence. Everyone is blessed with that intelligence; nobody needs to give it to you; nobody can take it away from you. He who lets that express itself in its way develops inclusiveness.

The power to do that is within us. Inclusive Leadership helps participants to tap into that enormous power to create and make a difference in one's own life and that of others. In the process, inclusivity emerges and empowers the leader within.



Coaching brings a shift in the corporate culture that increases productivity by changing it from command and control to collaboration and creativity. It helps close the gap between generations by increasing engagement and encouraging progress that benefits all parties involved. Leadership is strengthened; communication is enhanced; listening is fine-tuned, and the overall organization becomes more effective.

Using NLP and process work techniques, Coaching 2Engage is a workshop that leaves managers with a set of tools and skills needed to become effective coaches either for one-on-one coaching or OJT and group coaching. 


Other Workshops

We have developed many other workshops which are mostly customized for the specific needs of our clients. Some as follows:

  • Fire in Diversity - on, diversity & inclusion

  • Leading Over the Edge - Leadership retreat

  • Train-the-trainer - The making of a good trainer

  • Effortless Supervising - excellent for leaders

  • UBAH @ Work - staff development workshop

  • Team Flow - for team continuity

  • SpeakEasy - communication workshop


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