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Our Scope

Personal Empowerment
The goal of the personal empowerment is to educate and empower individuals to make a better decision regarding matters that are important in their life such as
  1. Understanding self (Who Am I)
  2. Deal with relationship issues 
  3. Personal health and wellbeing
  4. Releasing emotional baggage 
  5. Career and financial goal setting.
Through our coaching method, clients will examine their psychological makeup and personal narrative about self, viz-a-viz the external environment. 
Leadership Alignment

Our leadership program is unique. It does not discuss, leadership attributes or styles. We focus on Self-Leadership. The leader within projects out from the core of what he/she is made up of. Becoming authentic and reviewing that from inside out is our focus. It is reflective in nature and mostly guided through a series of activities and exercises that brings up the personal mirror.


We specialise in Employee Engagement. We have developed a series of programs that promote, Self Empowerment, Leadership Alignment and Team Development. Organisations will perform better with the power of engagement.  And how they create engagement will determine a huge part of their organisational success. In our series of workshop, we offer the following:
  1. DeepChange
  2. CoreEmpowerment
  3. Coaching2Engage
  4. Inclusive Leadership
  5. LeadingTeams



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